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Our department comprises all the languages taught at the Faculty of Arts, with the exception of Swedish and the other Nordic languages. We offer courses and pursue research in the major European languages as well as in languages that are more distant from a geographical and historical point of view – altogether 13 different languages. It is not only language that is the object of our courses and our research, but also the literatures and cultures that the language in question is part of.

We offer independent courses at undergraduate and master levels in the different languages as well as doctoral studies in most of these. However, African languages, with the exception of Somali, are studied only at the doctoral level. A number of the languages are part of various programmes: teacher education, the Master programme in Business and Economics, the translator programme, etc. We also offer a number of web-based courses and distance courses.



Here we have listed our courses according to subject. In order to see the open pages in GUL containing schedules, course syllabi and reading lists you first have to choose subject and then the course you are interested in.

Provided you have been registered on the course you can click on LOGGA IN (log in) in the top right-hand corner in GUL from 17 January for the spring term and 29 August for the autumn term and access more information which is specifically meant for registered students on the course.

Our student office, study advisors, and exams office can be found at Humanisten, Renströmsgatan 6, one floor above the small lecture hall, in corridor F

Contact the student office:

Phone: 031-786 1818
Email: studentexpeditionen@sprak.gu.se
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 10.30-12.00, Fridays closed
Phone hours: Monday-Thursday 9.00-10.00
Any changes in opening and phone hours can be found on:

sprak.gu.se/kontakta-oss/studentexpedition/ (Swedish)

http://sprak.gu.se/english/contact-ny/student-office (English)


Contact the study advisors:

Contact the study advisor for the language or programme you are studying. Phone number and e-mail adress can be found on our homepage:


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 13 – 14  |  Tuesday 14 – 15 

Phone hours
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 10.30 – 11.30  |  Tuesday 13 – 14 

It is also possible to book a meeting.


For further information, see http://www.sprak.gu.se/