OBS! Webregistration before the course starts

You can register for your course on LPW (Ladok on the Web)

It is very important that you register for your course, during the 3 days LPW is open. And after that should you log on to GUL latest 3 days before the course starts. You can register online between 2018-01-05 - 2018-01-16.

You register online at the website Student Portal: http://www.studentportal.gu.se  and choose E-services/Ladok Services/Register for courses. Choose the course you should register for, and click on Register. You are now registered on the course in Ladok. You should now in 20 minutes have access to your course when you log on to GUL. Direct link to the webpage: Register for courses .

If you have any questions or problems regarding your registration, please contact study administrator Marie Andersson, Study administration at Pedagogen, e-mailmarie.andersson.2@gu.se or at phone number 031-786 4812 / 031-786 4812

If you need help with your students account, please contact the Servicecenter at Pedagogen: http://uf.gu.se/omfakulteten/praktisk_info/servicecenter .

To find your way to Campus Pedagogen (Faculty of Education), see at the webpage: http://uf.gu.se/english/about-faculty/Find_your_way .

For more information about the course, read in the left menu under Content.

More information about E-Services, IT & Support for Students, at the website Student Portal: http://studentportal.gu.se/english