Welcome to the NG0210 Field Course in the Subarctic - Physical Geography and Ecology, 15.0 hp

Kursen ges för Geovetenskaper kandidatprogram termin 3 med specialisering mot naturgeografi/klimatologi

Kursstart: v35 - v45, 20190826--20191104

Webregistrering: v34-v36, 20190819--20190902


Kursansvarig: Robert Björk

Kursadministratör: Eugenia Andersson

Brief course description

The climate on earth is changing. The effects of a changing climate are especially clear in sensitive regions like the arctic, which is also a region that has great impact on the global climate. This course will guide you through the subarctic environment. You will acquire experience in methods used for interpreting changes in the landscape. You will have knowledge about “climate change” in the subarctic, then and now. Furthermore, you will learn about the impact of climate change in the Arctic on climate at lower latitudes.

Practical information

The course starts on August 26th with a week of lectures to prepare for the excursion. The field trip starts at the 3rd of September, where your responsibility is to arrive in Abisko this day, and ends on the 13th of September in Kiruna. We will spend the days above the polar circle, where parts is spent in a high-alpine area. Thus, since this is late autumn in this region, we may encounter winter conditions. Bring clothing that is suitable for such condtions, i.e. hiking boots, waterproof jacket and pants, underwear, headwear and gloves etc.

Tarfal Research Station with Isfallsglaciären in the background


Abisko with the famouns landmark "Lapporten" (Photo by Peter Rosén)

During the field trip, you will prepare for your group projects, e.g. by collecting data and material etc. This data will be analyzed and reported when we are back in Göteborg. A list of the possible projects will be handed out prior to the excursion. All students are booking their own ticket to Abisko/Kiruna (return tickets) and you need to be in Abisko Tuesday the 3rd Septmeber where we all meet. Transportation between Abisko and Sarikoski lodging will be provided by the Department of Earth Sciences to reduced cost, and a course fee of 200 SEK per night will be charged (in total 2000 SEK). You also need to pay for your own food, there will be possibilities for self-catering and there is a large shop close to the station. We will depart from Kiruna Friday the 13th September.